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About Us

Our goal is to bring quality, globally inspired food products to consumers that are incredibly flavorful, convenient and create enjoyment for the entire family.

The Bubi’s™ Story

IN 1984 a new restaurant in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, opened in the home of Vukosava Todorovich, Buddy & Yvonne’s late grandmother.

The grandchildren affectionately called her Bubi (Buh-Bee). This unique gourmet restaurant was named Bubi’s Awesome Eats® in her honor. Fate introduced a Chef that really enjoyed his ‘bubbly’! One very ‘bubbly’ day, Chef concocted 3 unique salad dressings. The final fateful creation, supposedly a spinach salad dressing, was overloaded with fresh garlic. Delicious yes, but crazy potent! Chef bid a wobbly adieu, slurring, “Don’t worry; everybody loves garlic!” Buddy & Yvonne began to “fix” Chef’s potent dressing. They added, subtracted, tested and tasted until, BOOM! The fix was inspirational. “Let’s call it, Bubi’s™ Sauce”! The rest is Garlic History!

Garlicky Good Bubi’s’™ Dipping Sauce is inspired by garlic and made with love! It has become a local staple and was featured on the Food Network. Our Garlicky Good creation is a super sauce leaping the boundaries of simple sauces, going places no sauce has gone before.